Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell 2010

as a side note, this is my 200th blog post, which means I've kept this going way longer than I ever imagined I would. I'm quite pleased that my little 'side project' in neojournalism musings has kept up for this long, and in the next year i'm sure i'll keep chugging along at a reasonable pace. Thank you everyone for taking time out to read this blog, and post your input on my overthinking indulgences.

I just wanted to take a bit of time out to just throw out a slight retrospect of this year.

First of all. I just want to scold Capcom for again making a momentous blunder. During the start of the year they had an opportunity to release a totally relevant game in Street Fighter 2010. Sure the game can be unresponsive, and incredibly difficult at times, but still, it would be an ultimate testament to the hardest of the 'hardcore' gamer. However Capcom is dropping the ball again. You're killing me, Smalls!!

At least we got Tatsunoko Versus Capcom out of the deal, but of course the HD twins will be getting Marvel Vs Capcom 3, a move that makes me slightly irritated. This goes back to the statement that exclusivity limits sales. Even the original Marvel Vs Capcom was ported to the PS despite the Dreamcast having a much better version. Why? well the obvious answer is the PS and the PS2 were popular systems and had large audiences. To ignore that information was basically suicide for developers.. and yet they're doing it now with the Wii...

meanwhile KOF XIII came and went and only it's fans cared.

moving on...

We found out that rail shooters don't sell....who'd of thought.

More and more developers and figureheads were coming out and slamming the Wii.. Doom and gloom as usual.. However there are some developers that get it.

Sonic 4 was teased and the first part was released. The music was less than stellar , and the game itself could use a bit of adjusting, but overall people liked it. Me? I'm waiting for the full version to be released after the episodes are all uploaded. This and other games kind of make Wiiware slightly better than the retail offerings on the platform.

I wrote a little article about the 'games vs art' debate that I posted on bitmob. it did alright I guess.

High Voltage shocked and amazed us to reveal that The Grinder would not only be multiplatform, but released on the HD systems alongside of the Wii. It was later on that we discovered that the Wii version was still being kept intact, and the other ports were going to look more like HVS's previous hit, Hunter: the Reckoning.  Yes, HVS those were some hasty words I made, and I apologize for my frustration. Just make sure Conduit 2 is looking as fantastic as it's been looking and we're cool. You guys are still one of the top developers for the platform.

Even Bloggers  can be douchebags...Yeah I said it.

Bobby Kotick can't seem to keep his douchebaggery in check, and proceed to go on a rampage against Tim Schafer , then shut down and scattered West and Zampella of Infinity Ward to the four corners of litigation.


I started a guide for fighting games, a couple people liked it.

I wrote an article about Metroid Other M..... A couple people hated it. (And  people still seem to arguing the same points, regardless.)

I wrote a secondary exposition on it, and some people understood, and yet everyone still ignores this and comments on the first article.

The NPDs were no longer accessible to the public, and now have to be brought down on stone tablets by respective parties who wish to conceal the information while lifting up their own products.

Gamers continue to confuse 'innovation' with 'reinvention' much to the dismay of common logic.

Senators will use video games in order to push their agendas...

HSC employees have no idea what they're talking about, and supposedly people care more about no controls than copycat controls. That is if Microsoft tells you that they make the Wii obsolete, despite their glaring flaws.

And finally noone cares about Morgan Webb's opinions of Super Mario Galaxy... noone.

What Will 2011 bring?

I can't wait to find out.

Happy New Year everyone, and I'll see you in 2011.

Edit: I can't believe I forgot this, even though this was probably one of the most awesome high points of 2010. but I had the opportunity to interview one of my favorite video game musicians, Stemage. Check it out and the links to his current projects


  1. Here's hoping next year is better! :)

  2. IGotRichSellingMoldJanuary 1, 2011 at 6:47 PM

    I was going through your old stories... Was KOF XIII even released?

  3. So far only on arcades. It was supposed to be out for the HD twins but nothing solid that I know of.

    SNK said that the console release will arrive after the arcade launch, but they're also adding more extras and bonus content. One could suspect that SNK was trying to wait out the SFIV hype so they're not drowned out like with XII.