Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Star Wars Republic Commando (Final) - Wookie fun times


Vincent and I had started streaming Star Wars Republic Commando, about a month ago, and today marks the final episode of that journey. It was great to be able to joke around and just shoot the crap while experiencing a game that I really enjoyed and wanted to play for some time. Hopefully in the future we'll get to play more games; Possibly with the rest of "The Team" getting together for a run of Star Wars Battlefront II!!

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Boss Syndrome Podcast #58 - DMCAs don't make you right!


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This Week - ArcSys is coming out with the mother of all versus series games with  BlazBlu Tag Battle, A Bachelors thesis tries to make the Dark Souls series into a gender riddled mess which causes people to fight argue back in the subreddit, and We cover the strange case of Alex Mauer, who has issued DMCAs to various youtubers due to issues had with the companies behind River City Ransom Underground and Star Mazer DSP, ultimately proving that DMCAing people doesn't quite make you right no matter who you are.

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Quickies: The perfect woman doesn't exis-

Submitted for your approval - one Pion Kim, Cosplayer who has appeared as a number of characters from Anime, Video games, Comics and Pop Culture at large. here she is in this fantastic photo shoot featured on Sirus Gaming dressed as the bouncy Mai Shiranui.  The photos in this shoot prove not only that Kim knows the characters she appears as, but make a damn good claim that these female video game characters actually do reflect realistic body proportions of actual 3D women.

You know, things we've been trying to tell people for years, now.

Kim in recent memory caught flack for cosplaying as Overwatch character, Sombre causing a non-troversy that resulted in her apology and swearing to never appear as Sombre again. (Side note: Never apologize for pulling off a great cosplay. Offense is subjective, as it's always taken, never given )  With all that behind her, it's good to see that Kim is still cosplaying characters that have her interest, and is doing a damn good job of it as well.

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Spiracy's theory - Re: Toning down Fan service for mainstream appeal


During  a Street Fighter V tournament at EVO which was featured by ESPN, one of the reps asked a player to change Cammy's costume from her default because "no one wanted to see her asshole all over the place".  This video covers the response article from a NEO GAF user who is in favor of toning down the "fan service" of Cammy's costume and other costumes in order to gain favor with ESPN and mainstream media..

Now, in the comment section to this video,  there was a statement by user "Grimoire of Alice" that added to this video content quite nicely.  I'm going to honor Alice's wise words by quoting them, here.
No long diatribe this time... Just an observation... So Cammy is not allowed to wear a leotard on national television, alright if this is the line i understand... Then there should be no examples of women wearing leotards on national television ever, right? But last I checked the Olympic games tends to air on national television... Least over here it does. And pretty much all the Olympic games tends to have similar style sports outfits but lets take the most... Let's say potentially controversial sport in the Olympic games. Gymnastics. 
So Cammy... A fictional character in a game... Not allowed a Leotard... But 15 year old Russian gymnasts? Totally okay! What's that smell? It's Hypocrisy! But Alice... Gymnasts wear Leotards for practicality... Cammy's in martial combat she should be wearing body armor! Last I checked MMA fighters wear tight fitting two piece MMA regulated sports clothes which are designed for practicality and safety and actually show a lot more skin. I'm not saying a Leotard is ideal but I am saying it can be argued that Cammy's artist has picked it for practical implications and not simply sexual purposes especially considering how many of her moves could be consider Gymnastic in nature. And I sincerely hope Zangief was also banned from national television... I mean he's wearing less and you cannot miss his ass it's huge!

I'm sure in keeping with this standard, Urien should be probably banned from wearing his Greco-Roman wrestling thong in order to appeal to this "mainstream" who apparently hates video games and "nerds" showing up on their sports channel, as well.

 I mean.. it's only fair, right?

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Boss Syndrome Podcast #57 - Comicgate Rising IV: Trump Vultures and Social Joker Warriors


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This week -  Comicgate Rising returns with popular artist Sean Murphy creating a story where The Joker is rehabilitated and uses Social Justice in order to take down the "all-too-real" menace of The Batman, Discussions on how Manga has overtaken Western comics, which actually make sense considering how things are going in Comics, currently, and Rolling Stone thinks that Spider-man Homecoming's Vulture is the result of the election of President Trump. This episode we're not screwing around...

And here .... we.... GO

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Spiracy's Theory - Girls Playing games are nothing new


In an interesting turn of events, I wound up doing this video just as my wife came home from hanging out with her sister.  Due to this happening, what was intended to be one person roasting on a bad Kotaku article turned into two people dual roasting an article. Which I thought was rather fun. Hope you liked it as well.

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Weave Wuz Kangs and Dark Skin Matters


Note: It took me a while to actually get this on the blog due to the hectic nature of E3 week, last month.  Now that I've had a change to actually watch the video, the quality could be better, and there are some things that could possibly be fixed in the video. I might consider re-mastering this at a later point, but for now enjoy both the video and the article included, below.

Last weekend, the Internet was graced by not just one , but two articles trying to turn video game releases into political battlegrounds due to the age old perception that anything taken without context can be easily misconstrued into an assumed attack.

This time it's Black Journalists getting mad about skin tone and hair.