Monday, February 18, 2019

Boss Syndrome Podcast #129 LIVE - Is this Animegate?


This Week - February's Nintendo Update just went live and we're going to talk a bit about that, and we're also getting to the bottom of the Vic Mignogna controversy that seems to be igniting over on Twitter and in social media. Is this a simple case of a Voice Artist abusing his power, or does the influx of Voice talent making accusations and slowly finding themselves being busted for exactly what they accuse Vic of letting us in on another layer of corruption in another hobby industry?

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Boss Syndrome Podcast LIVE #128 - By Your Consoles Combined...


It's a Live Episode! - Let's talk about a ton of news articles including the potential of having Xbox live enabled on the Switch?!?

Interesting times, indeed..

- Boss Syndrome Podcast Begins!

Boss Syndrome Podcast #127 - Leading By Example


This Week - We talk about what we've been playing and ask the question; In an industry where cheating and disrespecting the customer is common place Why is Nintendo's honesty and putting the customer first a revolutionary act?

 Boss Syndrome Podcast Begins!

Boss Syndrome Podcast #126 - Sexism in my Dragonball??


It's early 2019 and already we have one of the dumbest arguments of the year. A rando decides to proclaim that Dragonball is sexist, and this take is so nuclear that it took Bulma's voice actress, Monica Rial, to shoot it down.
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Halloween Review


Mel and I have watched the Halloween 2018 reboot, but something just wasn't right about it....

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Boss Syndrome Podcast #125 - Ending the Blame Game


This week - We talk about the games we've been playing and get into a brief conversation about Jack Thompson and why blaming media for things that can be resolved on the parental end are a futile effort.

- Boss Syndrome Podcast Begins!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Diversity fallacies are not your strength...

As we enter the new year, I find myself reflecting on this blog and writings past, and I've spent an obscene amount of years enjoying the digital medium of video games, and in that time I've seen things....

things you wouldn't believe..

Attack ships on fire at the shoulder of Orion, I've seen C-Beams.. 

okay okay. Seriously, though In my 35 years of gaming – from the Atari Jurassic period, to the 8-bit cretaceous period and beyond in both my own memories, and reflecting on media from decades past, I have discovered that there were things that were part of the gaming community that were both unspoken and yet understood. Case-in-point;

This strange business of diversity or the non-versation surrounding it...