Sunday, October 15, 2017

Boss Syndrome Podcast #70 - G.S.P.P.


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Every once in a while you just want to blow off a little steam and take a break from the stresses of putting out a news podcast. To do that, we decided we should just do some general discussion and shitposting, while recording.  So, instead of news, this week, you're getting us verbally shitposting about popular topics that happened throughout the week.  Enjoy!

- Boss Syndrome Podcast Begins!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Fullscream Bossfright - The Asylum


Looking through Game Jolt's list of various games, I came across The Asylum. The game seemed interesting because it was a fusion of survival horror and a FPS, which I haven't played one of those in quite a while. The game seems pretty interesting, despite only being in early access; The enemy placement, while sparse is actually pretty well placed for optimal jump scares. and the story is pretty thin.

 I will say this game has a good atmosphere, and feeling. It just definitely could benefit from having maybe a boss or two, and definitely a working map, so I don't get lost repeatedly.

- I'll see you next Bossfright!!

Spiracy's big Haul - Night Trap


Limited Run put out a batch of Night Trap games into circulation, last summer, and I was one of the fortunate people who were able to acquire one of them. Okay, so the special edition PS4 games were sold out, and I went for the PC version because I am more likely to play these games on PC over my consoles, but still...

I didn't get the chance to show you guys, because I dropped my camera and killed the video (hence the editing), but the game also came with a poster and the physical copy which is just the same design on the box. I'll be playing the game within the next two weeks in prep for our glorious holiday, all hallows eve. Hope you'll join me.

- I'll see you next Bossfright! 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fullscream Bossfright - The Caller


This year, I want to try something a little different. I managed to finish my collection of Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories to tell in the dark. and to celebrate that and the feelings that this book gave me as a child, I want to do some narrations from that book for this year's Fullscream Bossfright. 

The following story features a hysterically laughing man who terrorizes a family and their babysitter by calling them periodically throughout the night. After consulting the operator, the babysitter and the kids find to their own horror that he had been calling from an upstairs phone the whole time, and eventually the wild eyed, hysterical stranger comes stalking down the stairs and scaring them out of their own home! Terrifying, indeed. Of course, variations of this story also have been used many times in media, notably with the film "When a stranger calls" which was originally released in 1979 and was remade in 2006.

In the story "The babysitter", the caller would taunt the babysitter by asking her "did you check on the children?". The policeman, who traced the call, informs her that the call is coming from inside the house.  Realizing that the children are actually in danger, She bolts up the stairs and swings open her door to find them brutally slain. Upon seeing this, she breaks down into hysterics, unknowing that the killer is still in the house....

- I'll see you next Bossfright!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Boss Syndrome Podcast LIVE #69 Sexbots, Lies, and Skip Combat Buttons


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NOTE: Apparently Youtube's servers had the same level of inconsistency as our staff. The episode above cuts out at the end, but there's a link to the second half that starts about a minute before it's over. just click on that to get to the second half of the podcast ep.  Listeners of the MP3 version don't have to worry about that because unlike my co-hosts, I have a plan.

This week - After leaving the planning of this episode to my co-hosts, and being disappointed, I decided to take the law into my own hands, yet again and talk about random things. Sexbots being defiled, Football players lying about racial slurs, and Rock Paper Shotgun articles about how skipping combat in games is a good thing. .

- Boss Syndrome Podcast starts Now!!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

I want Catherine's Bloodborne fighter concept to be real!!

Rockaway Carter retweeted this, earlier today, and the moment I saw it  I got hyped!! This seems to be a work in progress by Catherine aka @_einzbern on twitter. Basically it's a character screen for a concept Bloodborne fighting game with an aesthetic closer to The Last Blade / Last Blade 2.  The use of color and design, despite Bloodborne's monochromatic color scheme, is pretty incredible, and makes the designs still manage to be eye catching while being as close to the source material as possible.

Catherine's Tumblr, has additional animations of both Father Gascoigne and Gehrman, and they too,  look fantastic! So if you have the time, please head over there and check them out.  If you're wondering if a full-on game will happen; It looks like she's currently just doing these for fun. However, I'm sure if circumstances change I and other fans of the Soulsborne games will definitely be there to play it.

Hell, that would make a fantastic Saturday Bosscade!!

- I'll See you next Bossfight!

Midnight Bliss - Lucia Joaquin won't leave me alone!!


In the tradition of games like "Slender: The 8 pages" and "Slender: The Arrival" comes a new game based on a more recent creepypasta / urban legend. The Story of Lucia Joaquin has been making the rounds on Twitter and Facebook since July of this year.  I had been dealing with issues of my own so I completely missed out on it, but the game which was developed by "Theboywholovedvideogame" seems to be an interesting experience and a interesting way of expanding the legend. 

Needless to say, I got jump scared into oblivion, with this game. The face in the thumbnail actually is a little unsettling, and I guess that's what caused me to let my guard down. The game has atmosphere for days, and the little random noises in the background really keep you on edge. Other things, such as  Lucia's stilted running, and the way she hid behind things made this experience especially creepy. In short, I had a really fun time streaming this. It gave me the same feeling I had when streaming Ao Oni; a game that served as my first scary let's play back when I started on Livestream, a lifetime ago. 

Give it a try, if you dare..


- I'll see you next Bossfright!