Sunday, December 10, 2017

Boss Syndrome Podcast #77 - For God, Country and Tiddy


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This week - EA is still losing money over Battlefront II, Netting a record 3.6 Billion dollars!! Politicians are trying to lobby against Detroit: Become Human for a domestic abuse scene in the trailer. Nevermind the fact that television shows, film and PSA commercials use domestic violence in them with very little pushback.  And our favorite anti gaming SJWs are losing their minds over Xenoblade Chronicles 2 because boobs.... or something like that.

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Saturday Bosscade - Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm


I've had the pleasure of playing the demo of Yatagarasu, a long time ago while it was still in development. The game while a bit rough around the edges is a pretty solid game which is clearly inspired by Street Fighter III: Third Strike. What I didn't know, however was that the game takes place during WWII. This is likely due to the fact that the demo was purely in Japanese, and unfortunately, I don't know that language, yet. 

Towards the end of the stream, we got into an interesting conversation about companies that think that million dollar sales are considered a "loss", and how incredibly short-sighted it is to overspend and think you're going to hit lofty targets like that.  Square Enix did this with Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, and Hitman: Absolution, DC and Warner Bros also pulled this same thing with Justice League and it's 94 million dollar domestic release. Sure the international sales have finally hit 600 Million, but still it's crazy to think those kind of numbers are considered a loss.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Quickies: Megaman 11 First Impressions


So Capcom dumped a ton of news on us, Monday.

Not only are the two Mega man Legacy Collections and Megaman X collection coming to the Switch, but so is Mega man 11, which of course will also be out for the PS4 , Xbox One and Steam in late 2018. This is of course for the 30th Anniversary of the series, which makes sense, compared to other series that didn't have much of anything going on for their anniversaries... Looking at you, Metroid.

While I wouldn't say that Capcom totally redeemed themselves, they are actually doing the smart thing in tapping that market of Switch owners who want to buy their games. Me personally, I own the original 6 Mega man games on the NES, Mega man 8 on the PSOne , 9 and 10 on the Wii and The Mega man 15th Anniversary collection on the Gamecube, So I'm likely going to be more interested in looking for the X collection when it drops over the original two collections.

Considering the trailer for Mega man 11, the graphical look of the game seems pretty polished, even if it is a bit basic. I'm usually a fan of 2.5D if the aesthetic is pleasing, and for the time being, this looks okay. I know that there have been some joking and some actual rumblings about the look being too similar to Mighty No. 9, and I would argue that the look of this game is actually closer to games like Mega man 8 and Rock man: Powered up for the PSP.

The difference, however is that it seems that the animation has been tightened up and frames have been cut out ala Street Fighter 4 and 5 to retain the same tight controls of the older games. This means less of that wonky run cycle from Mega man 8 or that slightly-too-long jump animation. If we're lucky this also means getting rid of that long hit sequence that you needed to upgrade via Auto's Shop. It could be debatable if these were major issues with the game, but compared to the infinitely better Mega man 9 they were definitely hindering the game's full potential.

While we don't have much to go on with this game, It's getting a rather positive response from fans. I just hope the developers and by extension Capcom don't find a way to screw this up as bad as Mighty No. 9 's production went.

Remember, Capcom. The phrase “better than nothing” is not a viable excuse for a sub par product.

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Boss Syndrome Podcast #76 - Topic Storm III : Topic Harder


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This week - On our glorious return, we talk about Destiny 2's EXP throttling, EA's CFO and his beliefs on Single player games going by the wayside, Trouble in the CW DC management, A spoiler review of Justice League, and a few surprises.

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Spiracy's Theory - Don't let your spouse pressure you into selling your ...


There are going to be some hard times, and you're going to likely be tempted to sell things in order to make ends meet. That's pretty understandable. However, if you're in a situation where your significant other is trying to get you to sell the things you love, and uses the terms "it's in our best interests" or "You need to grow up"  Take a second and reflect on our words, in this video.  Relationships are based on compromise. If you're having to part with your hobbies, and your S/O isn't parting with anything, that's not fair.  Do yourself a favor and take a long look at the situation. The things you save, may very well be your own.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

NEWS | is looking for Character guide writers!


Fan of King of Fighters? Are you good at writing guides and wiki entries? needs help from the KOF community to create a wealth of guides to help new players and to help continue to aid in the potential growth of the fanbase. If you're interested head on over the's website and sign up, or check out their existing wealth of guides if you may be interested in playing a particular KOF character, but may not know what they're capable of.  Thanks.

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Spiracy's Big Haul - SNES Classic


After recording the last episode of Boss Syndrome Podcast, Vince, Matt and I decided to get lunch, and after that Matt decided to hit the closest Gamestop to see what he could find. As soon as I got home my phone had been blowing up, so after dropping my things, I finally got my phone and I guess Matt discovered that the Gamestop he went to, had 6 SNES classics, and asked me if he should get one for me. I think you guys already know what I replied with.

The SNES classic, game wise is pretty nice.  I'm obsessed with Super Ghouls and Ghosts, and  I want to stream Final Fantasy III (FF6) sometime in the near future. We'll see how that works out.

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