Thursday, November 4, 2010

kinection error

So We got a Kinect display in the store, and I decided to give Kinect Adventures a run on my lunch break and a little while after my shift was over. I've so far discovered that despite having a camera and full body tracking the Kinect is massively difficult when it comes to maneuvering the menu. I felt like I was fighting the damn thing. Some of the controls were laggy. I decided to do a little robot dance before the breakway-like game, and my avatar pretzled ( BAM! There it is). The gameplay is rather cute, but it's cute like how the bubble popping game that comes with Logitech cameras were before you got bored and moved onto something else of interest.

With no killer apps in sight, it looks like this might be another Meh launch, but we're not going to know the numbers at all, and I can bet money Microsoft is going to claim that this walking dud is a 'million seller'. Oh and check this out...

Clearly for someone who works at HSN, she has little to no knowledge of modern technology... also she talks about downloading movies like noone has seen the Netflix commercials that show up during prime time television. 

So what do you think about that video, Sho Nuff?

hmm.. welll. you didn't have to go that far...


*shrugs sholders*

I've been waiting with baited breath for this launch to see how hard it would fail, and it's delivering like Dominoes. Even if Microsoft themselves sent me a 360 slim with kinect, I'd be saying the same thing, not because I'm a Sony or Nintendo Fanboy or anything like that. Because as a former Microsoft customer, I've already been disappointed in the company in the past, and this is the icing on a expired cake.

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  1. Hahaha, awesomeness.

    This launch can't get any more lulzy.