Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quickies: Not In Front of the Kids! Activision and IW are fighting!

Not In Front of the Kids: Activision an IW are fighting!
Source(s): 1up, Gamasutra

Activision and Infinity Ward are having a bit of a lover's spat. Things were said, feelings were hurt, Henchmen were deployed and ultimately The Founders of IW have been let go, due to 'insubordination'. As of 11am Vince Zampella and Jason West, are possibly contemplating their future options, as Kotick's stormtroopers set up basecamp in IW's digs. The rest of the internet is stuck on speculation mode.

There's rumors all over, and I can't say I'm not leery about this whole thing. It could be a glorified publicity stunt ( This could very well be a way of stealing thunder from Battlefield: BC 2's launch.), or a cautionary tale developers should take note of when dealing with companies such as Activision. Then again, with the things IW did to their fanbase is this could be just karma coming back to bite the developers on their butts! Right now if what we heard is true, then both parties are screwed. Activision is contractually obligated to allow IW exclusive rights to work on the next Modern Warfare title, and there are claims that Activision hasn't even provided IW the royalty fees from MW2's sales (Gamasutra's article states that royalties will be paid at the beginning of next quarter).

However, if you think that this is going to stop Activision from committing more acts of douchebaggery then you have another thing coming. Expect more on this as it progresses. As I want to expand on this in a proper feature article.

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