Friday, June 18, 2010

Game Sugar's sweet Conduit 2 covereage

Goldeneye 007's announcement got me really excited and I can't wait to play the game I spent a large part of my freshman year of college playing instead of doing actual work. Of course Goldeneye won't be the only game I'll be wanting to get my hands on this fall, as High Voltage Software is hard at work trying to put the finishing touches on the sequel to The Conduit. I found a link via one of my favorite gaming forums to Game Sugar who were fortunate enough to be able to capture some behind closed doors footage of Conduit 2 in action.

Here's the following information from the three-part video they posted

  • Four player online and local mutiplayer 
  • No more Friend Codes (yay)
  • A "Friends and Rivals" system where you can add people you play with online
  • Voice chat will be handled via a new 3rd party headset peripheral instead of Wii Speak 
  • Motion Plus will be used for melee weapons and some interactivity with environments
  • The customization of controls will be carried over into this game 
  • The characters will have customization through the use of different armors and attribute boosters for different play styles. 
  • Each weapon will have alternate modes (IE: RPG launcher will alternately throw proximity mines.)
  • New human and alien weapons
  • The ASE has been changed to more of a tool than a core component. Think of it like Arkham Asylum's  "Detective mode" or like the Scanner mode in Metroid Prime
  • Online Co-op mission mode.
The music for the first stage is so atmospheric and nice. It fits so perfectly, and the boss fight at the end of the first stage with Leviathan looked pretty cool, and I'm looking forward to alternately switching between this and Goldeneye 007 as my top two FPS games of interest.  Sure the market is being flooded with FPS clones, but in my eyes these are the only two ones that really have my interest.

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