Saturday, July 22, 2017

Spiracy's theory - Re: Toning down Fan service for mainstream appeal


During  a Street Fighter V tournament at EVO which was featured by ESPN, one of the reps asked a player to change Cammy's costume from her default because "no one wanted to see her asshole all over the place".  This video covers the response article from a NEO GAF user who is in favor of toning down the "fan service" of Cammy's costume and other costumes in order to gain favor with ESPN and mainstream media..

Now, in the comment section to this video,  there was a statement by user "Grimoire of Alice" that added to this video content quite nicely.  I'm going to honor Alice's wise words by quoting them, here.
No long diatribe this time... Just an observation... So Cammy is not allowed to wear a leotard on national television, alright if this is the line i understand... Then there should be no examples of women wearing leotards on national television ever, right? But last I checked the Olympic games tends to air on national television... Least over here it does. And pretty much all the Olympic games tends to have similar style sports outfits but lets take the most... Let's say potentially controversial sport in the Olympic games. Gymnastics. 
So Cammy... A fictional character in a game... Not allowed a Leotard... But 15 year old Russian gymnasts? Totally okay! What's that smell? It's Hypocrisy! But Alice... Gymnasts wear Leotards for practicality... Cammy's in martial combat she should be wearing body armor! Last I checked MMA fighters wear tight fitting two piece MMA regulated sports clothes which are designed for practicality and safety and actually show a lot more skin. I'm not saying a Leotard is ideal but I am saying it can be argued that Cammy's artist has picked it for practical implications and not simply sexual purposes especially considering how many of her moves could be consider Gymnastic in nature. And I sincerely hope Zangief was also banned from national television... I mean he's wearing less and you cannot miss his ass it's huge!

I'm sure in keeping with this standard, Urien should be probably banned from wearing his Greco-Roman wrestling thong in order to appeal to this "mainstream" who apparently hates video games and "nerds" showing up on their sports channel, as well.

 I mean.. it's only fair, right?

- I'll see you next Bossfight!

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