Monday, October 31, 2016

Fullscream Bossfright Episode 4 (Final) - The Fog: Review and Commentary

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Hello, and Happy Halloween to one and all!  In our final episode of Fullscream Bossfright, we continue down the road of Carpenter films to talk about a fantastic little film called "THE FOG". The Fog stood out for a number of reasons ranging from the use of shadows to convey the ghostly assailants attacking the small town of Antonio Bay, to the magnatude of established icons and scream queens involved in the picture. Both Janet Leigh and her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis, are in this film as well as the gorgeous Adrianne Barbeau, Hal Holbrook, Tom Atkins, and the ever prestigious John Houseman.

The Fog is a victim of the "remake this for nostalgia sake" mentality of Hollywood, but the remake was complete trash, IMHO. What was originally considered a ghost film / siege film was basically turned into a half-hearted ghost love story presumed to be a means of "updating for current day tastes" . It made the remake completely forgettable and only proved that the original was a classic that didn't need a remake to begin with.

So as you settle in, and get the candy ready. do us a favor and turn us on and have a good time reliving your favorite horror memories with two guys who really love horror movies.

- I'll see you next Bossfright!

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