Monday, August 22, 2016

Quick notice about BSPC..

I just wanted to throw out a quick little notice about Boss Syndrome Podcast.  The episodes for the podcast now have downloadable MP3 links in the description of each episode, in order to be listened to while on the go. Some of the episodes have gone on a bit long, and this new feature is mainly for convenience to our audience, as well as a means to host MP3s for eventual distribution on I-tunes and other places that are more versatile than just on Youtube.  It's been quite fun getting back into doing podcasts again, and I feel like this iteration of BSPC is a good mix of being informative and entertaining. Though, nothing beats a really good written article, though.  Which will still be forthcoming once I can work out a good schedule to do so.

- I'll see you next bossfight!

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