Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Saturday Bosscade - Naruto Clash of Ninja 2


Another game that I haven't played in a very long time. Last week I had been taken on a trip to nostalgia land, by youtuber, Event Status. In this video he talked about Tobal No.1, however when I tried to fire up my copy of the game, it had been through so much, that the music barely plays, anymore. For me, the biggest part of  Tobal No.1 is the music, since I think the soundtrack is pretty phenomenal, so much like with Bust A Groove, without the music, I just couldn't go through with the LP. So in a haste, I chose an old fighter that I really liked, but haven't touched since I moved into my current apartment, some couple years ago.  I'm sure that shows in my gameplay, of course, but I still had a good time playing this.

- I'll see you next bossfight!

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