Thursday, June 9, 2016

Spiracy's Theory - NOA censors Tokyo Mirage Sessions art book


 I remember a time when people ordered art books from Japan with very little problems, and now that Anime has hit peak mainstream status, and companies like Nintendo are jumping on board the art book selling train, we're seeing more and more crap like this;  Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE appears to be suffering the same fate with it's Special Edition as Bravely Second.  Now, this could very well just be hyperbole, but if Bravely Second's art book is any indication, then we're going to see art that is just as covered up as the game will be.

As I'm sure, Many of you who appreciate art, and are artists yourselves, are probably getting a little irritated about this. Cleavage isn't anything new, especially if you're from the coast, or happen to go swimming, or watch television , or have been outside of your home. With that being said,  it's perplexing that you have a Western branch of a company trying to hide that from you in the most puritanical way possible.  One thing is for certain, This is another Nintendo game that I refuse to keep in my collection.

- I'll see you next bossfight!

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