Monday, June 6, 2016

Spiracy's Big Haul - Rekindling an old Romance..


Some things you never really forget; Riding a Bicycle, your first kiss... and the first game console that really swept you off your feet. For me, it will always be the NES, but There is another console that really just wowed me with the potential games that I saw and wanted to play. The Sega Saturn has always been one of the crown jewels of my collection. Alas, I had to part ways with it, and my most prized possessions at the time - Albert Odyssey and Magic Knight Rayearth.

You know you care about games when you find yourself getting misty eyed over two discs in plastic cases, and the system that plays them.  Looking back,. I cared more about those games than I did my ex, who could have easily remedied the situation by getting a job at the time, instead of squandering my earnings on make-up she purchased on Ebay. But of course that's a story for another time...  If you plan on dating or getting married, just make sure they share common interests with you, and are capable of putting in their fair share of work. My wife and I are avid gamers, We work hard, and we definitely play hard!

- I'll see you next bossfight!

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