Sunday, January 10, 2016

Spiracy's big haul - Alundra Get!

While working on Chapter VI of TTWBN, I got a package that I had been waiting for since last week. I finally bought a copy of Alundra for Playstation 1. I had been seraching for a copy of the game, and after seeing just the disc for sale while on vacation, I passed on it and didn't think much about it since. A few weeks ago, I had watched  Casposaurus's Alundra retrospective video and got nostalgic for the game. So after a brief search on Ebay, I found a copy for 60 bucks Canadian (40 bucks US) and here it is.  I'm really hyped and can't wait to finally finish the game!

My next search will be for a copy of Breath of Fire III and IV.

-See you next Bossfight!

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