Sunday, December 6, 2015

Video - Who ruins the Ruiner?

I caught this video for the show "Adam Ruins Everything" a few days ago, and I had to respond to his terrible assessment of the history of video games.  Not only was he factually inaccurate, he's clearly trying to create an agenda by attempting to apply today's values to previous events in history, Parading women around as a means of forcefully changing the industry despite women already being catered to in this current market, and ignoring data that counters the information presented.  In other words. Hipster SJW logic FTW.  After spending a few days collecting information from all over, I managed to put this video together.

Do yourself a favor and research enough to not let guys like this tell you how Video games used to be. History is not based on half-hearted assumptions and false accusations.

-See you Next Bossfight!

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