Thursday, January 8, 2015

MGS codec theme for smartwatch? Impressive, Snake!

Things I want..

Things standing in my way of getting this...

"dem fat stacks"

The following image made the rounds on my twitter feed, and To be honest, speaking as a person who is a huge MGS fan, I would proudly wear this. The MGS codec theme was uploaded by njdom24 , and is available for different formats via FaceRepo.

Not only would I wear this, I would go around my place of work speaking as Solid Snake, knocking out co-workers and hiding them in various areas of the backroom warehouse (I would stuff them into lockers, but have you ever tried stuffing an unconscious human body into a box locker? Without murder and subsequent dismemberment? Pre-tty difficult!). These are the amazing things I would do, if I had this amazing looking piece of additional tech,  but alas, this is for the Motorola Moto 360, and if you've looked it up like I have, you'll notice that the price is definitely a barrier of entry, here. $249.99 Isn't as expensive as say a new Iphone, but it's still pretty pricey for "broke-ass folk" standards. Well, I guess I'm going to have to act out my fantasies of holding my earbud and talking to myself.

Wait, a minute. I have a call.

Yes, Colonel? METAL GEAR?!?!?!? 

Sorry, reader. I have to go , my country needs me!

-Game On!

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