Friday, January 2, 2015

Billy Mays wants to talk to you about GamerGate!

Hi, I'm Billy Mays, back from the great beyond!!

Having a rather diverse twitter feed, you're inundated with news from all over, including the few news sites that well are just clickbait fests. Kotaku and Polygon, especially. I know that supporters of  #GamerGate tend to avoid giving these sites any page clicks because they lack ethics and simply do not care about the consumer, but a lot of articles, twitter and forum posts tend to stem from statements that are found on these sites, or the people who write for these particular publications.

This often gives people the famous "Catch 22" issue of whether you hop on the sites temporarily to archive the statement of interest, or just wait until someone else does it. Well, thanks to a savvy developer who goes by the name of "Shadey" we now have the GGFirewall, which allows us to indulge in seeking out offending content to share and equally ridicule, without the guilt of possibly increasing their revenue to continue to create offending content!

But wait! there's more....

The GGFirewall activates when you go to sites like Polygon, Gamasutra, Kotaku, Rock Paper Shotgun and all those other offending sites that stated that Gamers were dead in the first place. Once on those sites, the page converts into an archive format, allowing you to read the page without registering clicks for their revenue!

And best of all, you can get this plugin for the low low cost of  $Free-Nintey-Nine!!

We really shouldn't worry about Polygon, Kotaku and Gamasutra getting up in arms about archiving their nonsense articles. Remember, we're not their audience

they think we're all dead, but that's just me. 

I'm Billy Mays mays mays mays

Game On!

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