Sunday, November 9, 2014

You are Important..

Oliver Campbell had stated something that I want to share with you, Dear Reader. If you can't watch the video for whatever reason, I transcribed his discussion after the jump...


"It's great to get that long examination and that long game and seeing where -again you see it's that looking into the future that I talked about. you know I wanted to address a comment that i saw in the chat just now, and this is what really made me sad - someone said "I'm a cishet white male and I can't be diverse." And they looked really sad about that, but here's the thing. you already are diverse in so many different ways. first and foremost um how about that you're an individual.
you're your own person with your own thoughts and your own experiences and you've lived your own life and you seen things that some of us have never seen in our lives and likely will never see. an what's more is as someone that is involved in #GamerGate, you have become diverse because you have surrounded yourself with diverse people. right now the thing that blows my mind every single day is me just sitting here thinking and realizing that there are all these incredible well versed well reasoned passionate logical as hell people in the world and i thought i was alone.
and i can only be kind of thankful in a sense that had this situation not had come around - and or had this situation not come around and I had been encouraged to speak about my own experiences within the game industry that i would of never met some of those people and it's expanding my mind and it's expanding my life experiences, and I'm learning new stuff every day too. it's a consistent constant learning experience. and the fact that even you, the person people say well you don't matter because you're privileged no they don't know what the fuck they're talking about, okay? it has nothing to do with it. it's just that you're interacting with people who are different than you.
and all the different ways possible, and people who are just having a conversation with you, you have become diversity. so don't let anyone tell you who the fuck you are. y'know there are reasons why we have  concepts of the ego and the id and the superego, and talking about the psyche and it's about the identity of the self and knowing one's self. and that's the thing, nobody knows you more than you. to put it this way you're the first motherfucker there when you showed up and you're going to be the last person there when the lights go off and it's your time.
you know you better than any other person on this planet, and so many people want to spend time taking you away from you and i'm here telling you do not be ashamed of who the hell you are, because you have changed my life. I get a lot of messages every day people talking about thank you for showing up and speaking and the things that you say are moving me and you've inspired me on levels that i've never been inspired before, and everyone's just you know they spend this time thanking me but no it's me who should be thanking you and i do it's because my experience here has given me a voice and is again the same thing it's given me that breadth of experience of all these different people.
I'm talking to people all over the world about this stuff and i'm just realizing that i'm not alone in this world. there are people who think like I do and process information like I do and they have their own belief structures in a similar way that I do. if anything the best thing about this for me no matter what happens it's just being able to say I'm not alone. and i hope that you know you, listeners out there I hope that what I just said makes you not feel alone too. people want to tell you you're privileges and I say  yeah you are privileged in the sense that you not live in a time where it's so easy for you to connect to other people.
I think that's pretty much the only privilege that all of us have is that we are so fortunate to have been in this situation where we can speak to each other and pick each other's minds and just explore the space of the human condition. you don't need to apologize for who you are you didn't choose to be born a cis hetero white male just as much as I didn't choose to be born black and Jemma didn't choose to be born a woman, and Cain didn't choose to be born - or you know to be gay (and Becca didn't choose to be born a hobbit) right none of us  made that choice. we're just here we got dealt a hand and each of us is trying to play it the best that they can.
So you don't need to feel bad for being who you are because at the end of the day no matter what happens just a closing thought a little bit for what I'm saying here. At the end of the day No matter what happens just remember that if you feel like the whole world is against you for existing just remember that I am not against you for just existing. "


Sometimes its easy to get lost in the shuffle of everything that's been going on. People tend to forget that the reason why gamers are fighting against media giants like Gawker, Gamasutra and the other sites that #GamerGate supporters are currently blacklisting, are because they tried to deny gamers of their cultural identity, and told them that they didn't matter. They told you that you didn't matter. Well, they're wrong.

Fans of this blog know how long I've been fighting against biased bloggers posing as journalists, and vice versa, and never have I ever seen such a flagrant disregard of people's basic human rights as well as their rights as consumers, as I have with this situation, and there are other industries watching this as well. This is why the Journalists involved are trying to silence the issue as much as they have been. They know they're in the wrong, and they just want to bury the matter and pretend that everything is normal, again. Because of you guys putting up as much resistance as you have, This matter has been brought into the light, and because of your actions This consumer revolt is as strong as it has been.

The media can frame this as whatever it wants, The "Idealogs" can try to throw out whatever rationalization they need to, in order to try to sway you to their views, but In the end, it comes down to two simple-yet-similar values that the opposing side fails to recognize;

The customer is always right, and don't bite the hand that feeds you.

Game On!

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