Thursday, October 2, 2014

On the verge of wanting Axiom Verge..

Dan Adelman has been pretty busy, as of late.

After his departure from Nintendo, he's been jumping into the fray to promote indie titles that could use good press, and so far his first marketing project is pretty impressive.

The above game is Axiom Verge, a one-man independent game created by Thomas Happ. For those of you who are wondering about Happ's resume, he's worked on games such as the PC RTS, Grey Goo , and the more popular Tiger Woods and NFL Street series.

If you haven't noticed already, Axiom Verge's imagery seems to have a very strong Metroid influence, which isn't a bad thing at all. To me, the game seems to remind me of Cave Story as well, due to some of the boss fights. Again, this isn't a bad thing. I believe firmly in "giving the consumer what they want", and people have wanted a Metroid game for some time, now. All things considered, the game looks very sexy, and I'm considering a purchase of the game when it comes out for Playstation 4, Vita and eventually Steam. (depending on when I plan on getting a PS4, I may have to wait for the Steam version.). Adelman has this to say about the game..

  "Tom Happ sent me a build of his game a week before PAX, where we were planning on meeting for the first time. I was originally only intending to play for about an hour to get a sense of the gameplay and controls so I could have an intelligent conversation about the game. But I wound up playing through everything that was in the build (3 worlds’ worth) and writing up a couple pages of notes. Over the next many months, we’ll probably talk more about the features of the game that make it so compelling, but the things that grabbed me most were how tight and responsive the controls were and how well-designed the different rooms are. There are a ton of hidden areas to explore, and it’s possible to plan your attack through the areas so that it’s much more than just a run and gun shooter."

Happ not just covered the programming and graphical duties of the game, he also taught himself musical composition in order to fill out the game's atmosphere.  If the trailer music proves anything, it's that he definitely did his homework on atmospheric music. The game, so far, has been making the rounds at PAX and E3, with what looks to be good press surrounding it, and from what Adelman has said, the project has Sony's support. With a game that looks as good as this, I'm interested in what other games Dan will be promoting in the future.

Game On!

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