Saturday, May 24, 2014

Quickies: The curious case of Oxygene Media.

As Arnie's talking head said in Total Recall, "Get ready for a surprise!!"

Was on Miiverse for a bit, earlier , and saw a group huddled around "fit music" a strange game that seemed to pop up out of nowhere recently. I didn't think much of it, until I saw this link to a NeoGaf thread up on Twitter.

Apparently, the game itself is being marketed through the use of developers posing as actual posters, and trying to force a viral marketing move to get people to play their game. Here are some of the shots.

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The poster's name was eventually traced back to this facebook profile..

There are a few other images that are featured on the thread, but these look like serious instances of "Astroturfing"; A means of making support for a product or political agenda seem genuine through "fake grassroots marketing". This is often achieved  through the use of "sockpuppets" or false identities made in order to say public opinion. While  some say that this practice is fair game, it's apparently not, where the Miiverse rules are concerned.

Nintendaan has gone on to review the game, and apparently..... well.. see for yourself. If you already read ahead, The response to the review was equally bizarre.

"Oh dear, Fit Music. So I published the review about this title over at NintendoWorldReport yesterday and the lack of polish on this title was shocking. Their PR seemed pushy after contact as they constantly wanted to make sure I had all sorts of assets and information. Seeing this brings it in a light which is more uncomfortable. "

 from what I've seen of the in game footage , The game looks pretty dismal, but to my surprise, it's being backed by SHRO of Philadelphia (a Cancer Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes research group who works out of Temple University) and the Human Health Foundation as part of the Fight Obesity campaign.

Seriously, people. At least Captain Novolin had some polish to it. Better luck next game. 


Game on!

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