Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Catching up with old friends....

We've come a long way since then...

It is truly amazing, sometimes when you do something as simple as log into your Gmail account and discover that people are still reading your thoughts from years past. I have been doing many things in the last few months, from drawing, to working on podcasts and live shows. It's been a truly interesting few months, and I would like to share my adventure with you all. So, i decided that it would definitely be a good thing to regale you with the tales of  old, young Spiracy.

As you all know, I've been on a journey since March. Starting with the livestream event: Fullstream Bossfight, I had been on a quest to discover if I had what it takes to run an actual video game based web show. The beginning was quite promising. I had good chemistry with quite a few friends, of whom I had worked with, and quite a few bumps along the way (Had an interesting episode that resulted in the guest getting into a phone call mid-show and not having the good sense to leave the play area while talking about his personal business on air.).  But over that time I did learn how to be a somewhat better entertainer, and I also humbled myself greatly. The people who do web shows go through an awful lot of prep, and research in order to provide a fun experience for you, dear reader. I feel like that was something I actually needed to discover in order to both brighten my horizons, and to give me more options in my future endeavors. However, there is nothing more intimate than actually writing about the things you enjoy, which is one of the main reasons as to why I'm writing this to you, now.

After the streaming stint, We embarked on a second adventure, which lead to me creating a podcast show. The podcast was actually (to me) more successful than the livestreaming. I felt like I had more together with the planning and research, than I did with just throwing together a show, and I had a really great cast, and the chemistry got better with time. The only problem about doing a show with a group of friends is really dealing with their own personal schedules. Eventually the recordings slowed to a crawl due to the lack of people willing to record. Everyone seems to be off doing their own thing, and here I am trying to entertain while delivering the news and information pertinent to someone's interests (lol) . And now, here we are. you , dear reader and myself. Sharing these details at a table with coffee and laughing as if old friends who haven't seen each other in years.

This makes me wonder how you all are doing? What wonderous things have you guys been working at, and have you made it any closer to your own personal goals? 2013 has been a year of both good and bad. I realized this as I wrote this , just now, but I'm hoping for a more stable and awesome 2014. Let's see if we can strive for that.

Game On.

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