Thursday, March 7, 2013

FSBF: A few changes, and a lot of content

So I can say without a doubt, that 2013 has been an interesting time for FSBF. The live shown went from just me doing "Let's Play" sessions by myself, to Crazy Toddler, and Kevin 4G joining the show as co-hosts. We've gained both a Facebook Page, and You Tube Channel, and are already on the Second episode of the podcast show, Boss Rush.

So far, it's been a good year full of gaming and wanting to be moreso involved, but more for the sake of actually enjoying games, and praising the good, instead of just seeing the bad things in the industry and sinking further into the "jaded journalist" trope that a lot of the gaming media has been on. With that being said, I have a bit of a sad announcement to make concerning FSBF LIVE.

Over the past couple months, I've been enjoying playing games via Livestream, and we have had some awesome shows, especially recently. With the amount of good comes a lot of bad, that had been plaguing the recordings, notably the issues we have had with recording episodes for the youtube channel, as well as being able to make the Livestream show available to our fans who are watching via their moble devices. After careful consideration, I decided that it would just work out better for everyone if we just recorded episodes for the You Tube channel, and keep the Livestream open for special events like marathon runs or other interesting events.  This also takes us out of the confines of recording between 10pm to Midnight CST, and takes the pressure off of the rest of the crew, who have day jobs and real life stuffs to tend to.

Lately, for me, I've been a very busy man. I have podcasts and shows to edit, as well as comic projects I'm trying to get going on, as well as day (Night) job things, and life stuff. It's pretty damn difficult to juggle being a show host, webmaster, audio/video editor, ect. , but I do a damn good job, and I hope you all find our misadventures to be entertaining and enjoyable enough to bring a smile to you while you're doing your own life stuff, because in the end that's the goal! We're gamers/geeks/nerds/otaku who are here to entertain YOU, the viewer/listener with content in order to brighten up your day. We make you laugh, we make you think, we get you riled up so you can have discussions in your own circles of friends about things. So here's to another fantastic year of awesome. Hopefully, if everything goes well, we can possibly try to make something happen so this can be our full time job, and not just a side project.

Thank you, and Game On.

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