Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hey Whacha Playin' Spiracy?

In the five years that this blog has been up, I've never really bothered to use it for it's original purposes.. Oh, i've used it as a soapbox, and a intellectual forum, a peek into my processes for creating a live playthrough show, and occasionally a glimpse into my relationships with the opposite sex, but I've don't always pull the "what am i playing now" card, despite posting the games on the blog in a  name dropping fashion. I intend to rectify this starting now. Let's talk about what I'm playing now, and what's going on with Spiracy currently.

So last weekend, I had to head to the dreaded Gamestop to pick up a copy of Devil May Cry 4 for the sake of getting a birthday present for the significant other, and stumbled across a fairly priced (read: cheap) copy of DMC. She bought DMC on launch, and has been playing it for a while, but she dropped some subtle hints of wanting me to get it so we can play through the game together and compare notes. Needless to say, I'm at the mercy of my woman, so I did.

something old and something ewww.

First of all, let me tell you I was on the "What the hell did you do to Dante" bandwagon back when Ninja Theory pushed out the first redesign of the demon hunter. After a lot of speculation, and a second glance at the final character design that looked less emo and more punk, I decided to give the game a much needed chance. I won't go into full details, since I think that's better suited for a full fledged review, but Damn i'm hooked, and I'm loving the way the game handles. You get an abundance of weapons, and you can seamlessly switch mid-combo to provide some really brutal payback on the demon that murdered your mother and exiled Sparda.

Get a makeover and immediately he thinks he's a pimp....

I'm interested in finishing the game, since it's said that Bloody Palace mode will be available upon completion, and I really want to get in on that..

Thursday night's show will feature some PS2 greats. Guitaroo man and Katamari Damacy. We may be seeing an appearance of the other half of the Super Giacovelli bros, as Justin G will join Kevin 4G. It'll be a good way to end January and a great segue into February's theme, which is "I have a Dreamcast". For the month of February we will be playing Dreamcast games live on the show, to celebrate how awesome the Dreamcast was despite it's failings. There were so many awesome games, and it's only fair to give them their due.

The show will go live at 10pm Central time, til Midnight.

Game On.

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