Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ohmagerd, Sizzermernnn!

Bobby Barrows, at his worst..

This Week's stream involved me playing through Clock Tower and failing miserably. The sad thing is, I started getting the hang of the game at the end of the show. After playing through the game from the beginning after the show was over, I found that I could pull a successful speedrun and accomplish the S rank ending if I just remembered the controls (whamp whamp).

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I'm starting to find my footing with running a show, but it's still somewhat of an uphill battle. I think it's just the production aspect (which seriously just comes off as shoddy in my opinion). I have to figure out a means of having everything ready and presentable maybe an hour or two before broadcast time. 

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Another thing I'm starting to understand, is that  instead of being somewhat embarrassed about my videos, I'm kind of doing this as a means of showing you, dear reader, the ups and downs of  amateur video production. It's hard work, but once you figure out your rhythm, you'll probably make something far better than anything I'm doing right now.

Watch live streaming video from xxspiracytheory at

Next Week I'll be restarting my playthrough and hopefully finishing clock tower in under an hour., but I'm a little clueless as to what the next game playthrough will be.

Oh well, I'm sure inspiration will hit at some point.

Game On!

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