Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wreck it Ralph looks kind of cool.

you had me at the doctored up Castlevania intro music, and donkey kong-ish motif.

So I went to see Amazing Spiderman (and Dark Knight Rises later on that night) a week ago and came across the trailer for Wreck It Ralph during the previews. I really like the premise, and I definitely want to give it a shot. Really hyped that Nintendo, Namco and Capcom gave license to use their respective characters to add that feeling of authenticity (Incidentally, Zangief was never technically a bad guy, more like a wrestling heel, and Bowser was a good guy occasionally in games like Super Mario RPG and Mario and Luigi: Boswer's inside story, but I'm digressing ) Disney has me intrigued with the story and the idea that a video game boss wants to be the hero for a change. If it's as entertaining as Tangled was, I think I might have another favorite.

It'll be out November 2nd
Game on,

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