Thursday, June 7, 2012

E3 Sony and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat

After the Microsoft conference I was actually looking forward to Sony's presentation, seeing that there were far more games to be shown and possibly something more promising than just "look at what media entertainment we can show off".  To be honest, there were some interesting games shown at Sony's conference...well let me explain in further detail.

First up , Quantic Dream revealed their new game, Beyond: Two Souls. which featured the company's push for "cinematic quality" and conveying emotions to the player in a unique way. I have to admit I wasn't really taken in by the game, as I wasn't with the previous endeavor, Heavy Rain. The biggest reveal of Beyond was the announcement that Academy Award nominee, Ellen Page will be playing the role of the main character. That actually excited a lot of gamers in the audience, However even the best voice acting can't hide the shallow wooden feeling the character had when interacting with others in the trailer. Again, If I wanted to watch an interactive movie, I'd watch Avengers (for the third time) with Dbox seating (Cause that sounds awesome!).

Space Whales.... they fought space whales....

The next game shown was Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale (Brawl). Seriously I can't ignore what the game is, and I know you guys are smart enough to know that this is basically Sony's answer to smash bros. The characters even have final smash clips. I'm sure it'll have it's own following, and be trolled by many forum dwellers into being the better than the source material. The big reveal were two new challengers, Uncharted's Nathan Drake  and Big Daddy from Bioshock.

imitation is often a form of flat...was that a falcon punch?

Playstation Plus

 Playstation Plus was pimped out pretty hard with discussion of 60 downloadable titles available via Plus, and more on the way (Including Infamous 2, Little Big Planet 2, Saints Row 2 being released by the time you read this).

Assassin's Creed

Shortly after, there's more talk about streaming media, and things cross-compatibility for Vita. Obviously things I would care more about if I didn't have a toaster that streamed netflix and hulu plus (I don't have a toaster that does that....or do i? ). Vita will be featuring Black Ops: Classified, and it's own version of Assassin's Creed. On the Console end, Sony showed off a very interesting playthrough of AC III's main character and his crew overtaking enemies on the high seas. I admit I am very interested in AC and to be able to have full on ship battles. Assassin's Creed III will also feature a launch PS3 bundle


The next game revealed was Farcry 3. I've only played FC: Instincts, so I really didn't go into the playthrough of this with high expectations, but it was kind of by-the-numbers. The four player co-op was intersting, and the fact that it's open world with map editing capibilities bring a bit more to the table than expected is something, but not enough to make me that excited for it. For the Move, the biggest thing to be announced was Wonderbook, a game that alows books to come to life via Augmented Reality, and a book peripheral. Educationally it could actually do well to gather more interest in the wonderful world of berks books.  To prove that this is a serious endeavour, Sony has enlisted the help of Potterverse scribe, J.K. Rowling to create wonderbooks first offering "Book of Spells". While I think it would be a possible hit with kids, I'm doubting the educational nature of the peripheral.

PS Suite / Mobile

Before the conference ended, there was a brief showing of PS Suite, which was now
rebranded as PS Mobile thanks to an interesting partnership with HTC. And after that a
showing of the new God Of War game, Ascension. So Sony has some interesting offerings. Much more than MS offered, but In terms of compelling software..I'm not really sure if Sony wins here.

Oh well, Next the third and final conference..

Game On.

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