Sunday, June 3, 2012

E3 Quickies: Nintendo shoots first..

E3 Quickies: Nintendo shoots first.

To clear the air, and prevent a misinformation storm not unlike last year's E3,. Nintendo went on the offensive by airing streaming content of the new console and it's capabilities. of this information, we learned the following information

Miis possibly tethered to individual accounts

Mii based universe. "Miiverse"

Social networking with phone-to-Wii u based interaction  to Miiverse possible as well as video conferencing via the controller.

Mii emoticons for forum based app. 

Post screenshots from gameplay to forum like device.

Warawara - plaza based start screen with Miis crowded around games that people are playing together. (Will even show region restricted games)

Wii u controller "Social window" that connects from gamer to gamer across the globe

Discussion about more Nintendo consoles through future generations.

Internet browser through the personal screen which can hide content until "unveiled" on the larger television screen. (possibly to prevent spoilers)

A means of halting spoilers from gamer to gamer on certain connected games.

Iwata promises different experiences from controller to tv

There will be more information forthcoming during the E3 presentation this Tuesday, but already there have been quite a few people on the livestream chat window who have thrown out the classic adage "Shut up and Take my money".  I'm sure we will see more in the coming days.

Game On.

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