Monday, May 14, 2012

Quickies: Shooter Fatigue

Quickies: Shooter Fatigue
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“More and more people come to me at Ubisoft and say, ‘I love games. I came into this industry with so many ideas. But I can’t continue to make shooters over and over again. I’m not even in line with the messages.’ I have that meeting a lot these days. Yeah, it’s time to give our teenage medium a kick in the balls.”
“I don’t know when we decided as an industry that in order to sell five million copies of a game you have to make a Michael Bay film. There are other options.”

When I saw the buzzline "It's time to give our teenage medium a kick in the balls" I was incredibly skeptical. To be honest, I thought this was some sort of discussion on some new M rated game with large breasted cheerleaders. When I actually read the article in question, however I was actually blown away about the sincerity of the actual message.

I do love a good FPS. I'm knee deep in Borderlands right now going through the Old Haven missions and preparing for awesomeness of it's inevitable sequel. I still have yet to get Goldeneye for Wii, but I will get it and i'll probably play the living crap out of it. However, I've noticed and I continue to notice that every year we're bombarded with the same like minded games. It's really interesting that the developers themselves are finding fault with this moreso than the fans that continue to eat the games up with reckless abandon.  Jade has some interesting ideas for games, and I'm willing to see if this is something that grows into something fruitful, or is this just one of those bold statements with epic backlash, due to everyone being alright with the status quo?

"Ultimately, if we are not moving things forward then why are we working here? If you're going to create something then you have to go above and beyond what's gone before. It's the only way."

If more people are adopting this philosophy, then I have nothing to fear for the future of the gaming industry. 

Game On.

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