Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quickies: PSP x Vita = PSP wins!!

Quickies: PSP x Vita = PSP wins!!
Source: IGN , Andriasang

In a not-so-startling turn of events, the Vita continues to flounder in Japan being third to the PSP, and the 3DS. Here's the news blurb on that.

"The PlayStation Vita continues to struggle in Sony's home country of Japan, with the handheld's predecessor steadily outselling it. Nintendo 3DS also continues to trounce Vita in the east on both the hardware and software charts.

New Media Create sales charts covering March 12 through March 18th have been released and translated by
Andriasang. The data for that week shows only 10,021 PlayStation Vitas sold at retail, compared to 18,633 PSPs. Nintendo 3DS continues to be the big hardware seller, pushing over six times the amount of units as Vita, totaling 64,017 for the week.

PlayStation 3 sold 27,900 units for the week. Nintendo Wii sold 8,127 units. Xbox 360 sold 1,145 units.

Out of the top 20 slots on the software charts, eight are occupied by Nintendo 3DS games, including the top of the chart. The new Nintendo 3DS game Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition sold 172,027 units in only 48 hours on the market. However, PSP also has some success, occupying five of the top 20 slots, including three of the top five. Its big winner is SEGA's Shining Blade, which sold 122,257 units over four days.

The other slots on the top 20 are occupied by PlayStation 3 games (six slots) and a Nintendo DS game (one slot). No PlayStation Vita games charted, though Media Create's statistics don't include online sales via the PlayStation Network."
The odd thing is while I really don't have much to say about the Vita, because I've spoke my mind on it before. the thing I am interested in is Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition, which seems to be not only an awesome concept, but kind of an interesting mix of Japanese history / mythology, and Pokemon adventuring. Then again this just shows that compelling content is what moves hardware units, and not ports of PS3 games mixed in with lackluster offerings.

It's quite interesting to note that even Shining Blade is compelling, being part of the revered shining series, and it's being released for the PSP and not the Vita? Something clearly is wrong here, and it's showing in the sales numbers quite prominently.

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