Friday, March 23, 2012

Best..... day...... ever

At approximately 12:01 this morning I started my best day ever by sitting in the local AMC theater watching the adaptation of one of the best book series i've read all year. After that, I had a hearty breakfast before i dine in Hell, later. However, when I do get to Hell (figuratively, I hope)... I'll be reaching for a copy of a game i've been eagerly anticipating since E3 2010's Project Sora Reveal; Of course, I'm talking about Kid Icarus: Uprising.

From what i've been reading, the reviews of the game are largely positive, and will only add to the many games i'm already playing on my 3DS which, contrary to certain opinions is not being used as an alarm clock / dust collector/ inactivity device (Playing games on game consoles.. what a novel idea).Recently, I've been swapping street pass info with a fellow 3DS user that lives in my apartment complex, and he's also recieving a copy of the game, so I'll have two people ( My current squeeze wants the game as well) to trade weapon seeds with, as well as multiplayer run-and-gunning. Like I said before -




Game On

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