Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry Christmas

like her, i am serious about my shawpins

No, I know what day it is. It's been an entire week since the day of Christ's supposed birth, however I am referring to the real Christmas which happens to be the first week of January. This is the best time of year to be a gamer. You're probably reading this and saying to yourself "what the hell is he talking about?" Well let's think about it; The sheer amount of discounted games that are just sitting in bins, and on shelves are mind-numbing!! Games fresh off of the holiday season, are just waiting to be bought and played.

Let me tell you a few of the wonderful finds I've acquired.

 So it all started the day before my birthday last week. I was sifting through Wal-Mart's discount bins for some cheap game finds, and I came across the most lucky find ever; A copy of Sin and Punishment : Star Successor sitting in the bin on it's reduced Black Friday price of $10.00 ( well hot damn!! )!! After running it through the price scanner to make sure the price was correct,  I hopped on that like Donkey Kong on a unsuspecting Pauline.  That was probably one of the best deals of 2011, considering we still sell the game at about $49.00.

my god this game is good

A few days later I came across another good find - surprisingly, a DS copy of Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the starry skies - for about $15.00. Nothing short of awesome, and a great used game price for a brand new game. Still the best find of 2011, had to be the copy of Trauma Team, i found in June/July. I had been circling the game for a few weeks as it sat on the shelf at around $19.99, and was sifting the same bins, just to find a new copy of the game for about $5.00. That was a beast find, to say the least.

This + Ocarina 3D = Game Widower

On the console end, I managed to score a used 3DS for my girlfriend for about ten dollars cheaper at the local gamers store. I'll discuss that more in depth later, but I thought that was pretty awesome, and she has been enjoying it, and continually telling me how much she loves it, which is equally awesome.

So not to turn this into an advertisement for Wally world, or Gamers for that matter, I just wanted to show off the awesome finds I've made within the last few days.

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