Friday, December 16, 2011

Site update

No FNF this week, I'm moving this month's up a week in order to make some alterations and checking for consistency in information. I have to do some extensive playing of this month's game in order to ensure that I know what the hell i'm talking about when I do the guide portions.

God forbid I pull a Gaming Bolt and post that Rival Schools is developed by Namco , or some other dumb statement caused by lack of research (and/or caring about anything other than wish-listing for some game that may not ever see the light of day).

Two - I've been fighting with the whole writing thing lately, and to be honest, I was all sorts of stuck on what to write about. the holidays are kicking my arse right now, but I think I got some things to write about now, and I'm cooking up some interesting things.

Three - I'm thinking of making some adjustments to the blog format. Nothing too major, just some additional things to cover besides games, and bgms. working through ideas will have more info on that after the new year.

That's it. I'll be posting up new content soon. bear with me, peeps..

Game On.

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