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Quickies: Reality show about restoring arcade games?

Quickies: Reality show about restoring arcade games?
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So I just received an email from a member of about a new reality show. Yeah, I know the first thing you think is "oh god, not another one of those". After keeping up with the Kardashians, and watching the cast of Jersey Shore make drunken asses of themselves, who could blame you?  However, There are some pretty decent reality shows out there; I personally love watching American Pickers, and American Restoration. The show I am about to hip you onto is pretty much like the latter of the two.

So this show is called "High Score" and I just watched the sizzle trailer for it. I have to say it strikes a cord with me for two reasons: One, I love arcades and arcade gaming, and this not only shows a team of people restoring cabinets to their former glory, it also gives tidbits of information about various arcade games from yesteryear. According to the press release, below they're courting this around to various channels to see if anyone will pick it up. I'm actually hoping that History will, or at the least G4 (I know that Tech TV in it's former state would have, G4 probably wouldn't because there are no half naked chicks trollin' for news hits)

High Score Sizzle Reel from High Score on Vimeo.

If this show gets picked up, I would definitely check it out, though I hope they get enough budget to bump up a few things, like the arcade knowledge snippits (Love the dual screen shots, not too fond of the fonts) Check it out, and also check out the press release.

Philadelphia, PA – December 1, 2011 – Todd Tuckey of TNT Amusements has teamed up with a local production company PBR Productions to produce a reality TV show called High Score (tentative title). 
High Score is the “American Restoration” of the video and pinball game world. Todd Tuckey of TNT Amusements and the crew hunt all over to find the much loved amusement machines of the past and restore them to their original working beauty. As you watch the acquisition and restoration of your favorite quarter munchers we mix in enough antics and crazy capers to keep the channel from changing. Not only will their adventures keep you guessing, but some of Todd’s long list of celebrity clients might be popping in from time to time to make an appearance.
“It’s wonderful to see a once lost part of the american childhood alive and well. I think this show will rekindle the fond memories of so many peoples youth and hope fully spark a whole new arcade revolution.” said Corey Armideo, Producer, Pioneers Beyond Reality. “This show will help all the collecting world I think as it will get people re-interested in pinball machines and arcade video games! It's a win win for all” said Todd Tuckey of TNT Amuesments.
Todd’s not a stranger to the big screen, for two decades now Todd’s infomercials have made him a highly recognized local celebrity. And with High Score we bring that same fun style from out of the Philadelphia market and share with the rest of the nation. The crew at TNT is a lovable cast of motley characters that walk you through the restorations from start to finish. His success in the industry has led him to speaking engagements, his own 30-minute television special, and being featured on the reality TV show “Kendra”. 
High Score is currently courting cable networks and other reality television distribution partners. A 22 minute pilot episode has been created and a sample 5 minute sizzle reel of the television program has been released to public on High Score’s vimeo page. To view the sizzle reel go to The series is produced and created by Nate Hall and Corey Armideo of Pioneers Beyond Reality.
About TNT Amuesments 
TNT Amuesments is the worlds largest used game show room with over 120 pieces on display in a 4,000 square foot area. Todd Tuckey is a true example of the American dream. He began a Video Game route in 1979, installing games in stores in the Philadelphia area. But, by 1984, the Arcade Video boom was over, and we had dozens of games with nowhere to sell or place them. Todd placed games outside his home in Northeast Philadelphia in late August, 1984 with big “For Sale” signs on them — and dozens of customers came! With almost 500 games sold from his driveway, Todd realized there was a big demand for commercial quality games for home use. Todd started running the business full-time in January 1985 from his garage, and then he rented his first showroom in October of that same year and is still going strong today.
Pioneers Beyond Reality is a Philadelphia based production company. While still in its early years they bring together a combined almost 40 years of experience. With personal projects ranging from broadcast productions, independent films, documentaries, and much more. Our producers have worked on projects for such companies as ESPN, ABC,GSN, QVC, ESPN, Ziff Davis, and Disney.
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