Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My personal reason for Skyward Sword media blackout.

Between the funny commercials, the Zelda anniversary swag, and the things i've seen about SS, I've already decided in my head that I want to get it at launch. The game looks fantastic, the story enticing, and that gold Wii remote is downright irresistible. With that being said, I am actually glad that i'm in the position that i am in for the moment; That is, not having internet and sort of facing info blackout situation. I generally dislike spoilers (Ask my writing partner about that, she'll tell you the same with utmost certainty), and I want to kind of be within the perspective of the audience for this game. I have this ideal that perhaps being in the shoes of a "journalist" of gaming ruins perception and forces you to rush through the game just to throw out your two cents.  If the occasional Zelda game is a five course meal, I want to savor every morsel of it, and that means not knowing what to expect and just taking it one minute at a time.

 In the past I would jump headlong into as much media coverage for a game as possible, because that's what I felt was the thing to do. However, In this case. LoZ games are few and far between, and despite it's flaws, I really enjoyed Twilight Princess, for it's immersion and the interesting take on it's version of Hyrule. I had very little information preceding my playthrough of TP (granted, this was way before i decided to try my hand at being a video games blogger), and perhaps that is the reason why I enjoyed the game so much.  So it would most likely be advantageous for me to apply the same reasoning towards this game. This also makes me wonder if my recent lack of internet is for the best, at least in this situation? 


  1. YOU hate spoilers. >,>

  2. when it comes to things I haven't found out, yeah. When it comes to telling people things to be an ass, no lmfao