Monday, October 10, 2011

Quickies: Hands on with Vita brings worry

Quickies: Hands on with Vita brings worry

I've been spending my morning reading through the Playstation Vita hands on through 1up, and I kind of find myself slightly worried about Sony's habit of one-upping themselves into obscurity. Here's a link to the article in question. The biggest things I'm noticing so far is the amount of "clutter" going on in some of the games. What i'm getting at is that in some games there will be options for additional buttons on the screen which can be used for various tasks. This seems like Sony is trying to push for games that feature the same level of features that Ios and Android games have, while proving some sort of superiority of buttons. This isn't necessarily bad, but it leaves a danger of over-complicating the controls; a move that would not bother the core demographic as much as alienate the expanded market, which Sony was supposedly vying for. I guess if Nintendo is courting the Core demographic then Sony is just going to go one better in that aspect.

Another issue I'm reading about here, is the fact that the ability to switch between front and back touchpads seem unnatural (Something I noticed when I first saw the handheld) There are a few other issues with the design that might not prove good for everyone like the small buttons and the tiny analog nubs. These might be things that could change within the course of a hardware revision down the line, though.

The final thing I'm presenting is the huge push for DLC that was mentioned on the last page of the article. One would hope that this won't hinder the amount of content featured in games, but that's something that's yet to be seen. The up-side is that there are going to be more launch games than ever before featured on the Vita, but then again for every good game there might be a bunch of duds lingering.

While I'm not really that excited about the Vita, I do want to give it a proper hands on, myself in order to throw my own two cents into the fray. At the least, maybe we'll get a demo kiosk at the store. 

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