Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Redbox Games - First impressions pt 2

So i stopped over at my local grocery story and finally went sifting through the redbox machine's game selection, and of course.. There were only two Wii games available; Just Dance 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops. Naturally i picked the more socially acceptable title for a young man of my age (*cough*) to play.

The Price

The price is right, actually; Only a dollar more than what it would cost to purchase a movie. With tax that came to about $2.14. With each additional night being another two dollar purchase. This is where they could stand to make a killing considering the average player and the time it takes for them to make it through a particular campaign. I'm kind of old school so of course I made it through Black Ops at the normal setting in about two days (I'll discuss the game in greater detail when I provide the review, later)

The Selection

As it stands, if Redbox can gain a solid amount of games in it's library it could possibly make a sizable chunk in services like Blockbuster (who has a decent library of games, but only allows rentals by mail of newer games after a certain period of time for it's lowest option), or Gamefly (who has the best deal going for them, but the price is kind of steep for my tastes...yes, I'm a cheapskate). While i was waiting for Black Ops to eject, I was notified that Sonic Colors will be available a week from today, so that's cool. The PS3 and 360 games are more in number, but not really by much, but I think we just need to give the service time to grow to see how things turn out.

The Verdict

Bloggers really need a good service for rentals considering it's not like we get games from the publishers like the big guys. That's why I'm not really on top of the newer releases like I probably should be. With this at least I'll be able to cover the newer games in a timely fashion while still delivering the same content I usually provide. Right now Redbox Games might not be where it needs to be, but with newer selections on the way I'd have to tell you guys that this is a definitely worth giving a try if you want to play some decent games, but don't like making 50-60 dollar purchases.

At the least give it a try, you might actually like it.

Game On!

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