Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quickies: Zelda to be an "Upgradable experience"

Quickies: Zelda to be an "Upgradable experience" 
Source(s):Joystick Division

So Comicon brings us some interesting Zelda news. One - Skyward Sword being a prequel to the Triforce storyline - Means that there will be no Ganon. This being one of the gripes of the series, you would think that this is an interesting development and a good means of inviting some new villains into the series. The villain in question is a sorcerer named Ghirahim who does kind of remind me of Naruto villain, Orochimaru. He even does the best Gene Simmons impression ever

While showing off the game, Bill Trinen gives some more insight into the mechanics, one of them being an actual upgrade system for weapons and shields. This isn't exactly something new for Zelda, since the original games did offer upgrades for the master sword (A Link to the past comes to mind), however I really like that Nintendo has been busy working on something that provides a larger sense of development. The combat shown in the video above is pretty interesting, and Trinen says that there are multiple ways to approach combat in bossfights, which I really like.

I'm excited about this, and I think I might have to preorder the game when I get the chance.

Game On!

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