Monday, July 11, 2011

Quickies: Wow, Cliff, wow.

Quickies: Wow, Cliff, wow. 
Source(s): Industry Gamers

Cliffy B seems to have had enough with the negativity surrounding the Wii U. Here's the latest blurb on that.

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski is never one to hold back his opinion.IndustryGamers asked the Epic design director back at E3 about the Wii U, and he talked about the evolution of technology but in the end admitted that it doesn't matter because it's from Nintendo and people will buy it no matter what. 
He commented, "From what I’ve seen, it looks pretty cool. It seems like you can stream your game from your television directly to your [tablet] controller, so if you have irritable bowel syndrome, or a small bladder, you can still play it in the toilet. That’s great. But, you know, from what people are saying online, they’re like, 'Oh, it’s just a DreamCast, whatever.' But it’s like, 'Dude, what’s old is new sometimes.'   
"The Power Glove [back on NES] led to the Wii, right? The Virtual Boy led to the 3DS, right? A lot of these older technologies that you forget about are [the technological predecessors]. The Kinect is a sophisticated webcam, right? So I’m just dying to see it. It’s Nintendo. I’ll buy it. I know I’ll buy it. They’ll talk sh*t but they’ll buy it," he added, referring to the skeptical gamers on message boards. 
Epic Games has yet to officially commit to the Wii U, but the developer and Unreal Engine middleware provider has always said it'll support Nintendo when the hardware comes up to the level necessary for Unreal. Odds are we'll be seeing some Unreal-powered games or even titles directly from Epic on Wii U at some point down the line.

 Despite commentary from Epic's higher ups, Cliff has been pretty solid in his support of Nintendo consoles, so it's nothing new to see him in support of the Wii U. We haven't seen a price, we have various ideas of specs but nothing certain, and we've had plenty of negativity surrounding it's initial reveal. Then again some people already had their mind set that the new console was going to fail, which is also nothing new.

 I'm rather intrigued by the Wii U, and see the same amount of possibilities surrounding it as I did the Wii back in 2006 after the initial shock. I will most likely be buying it for the games, and for the new things it will add for motion control gaming. As for whether it fails or not, That has yet to be seen. With the growing complaints over this and the rage over NOA's refusal to release games like Last Story and Xenoblade. It's no wonder that Nintendo is being the target of forum rage. But seriously ask yourselves this; How much does the internet count for the total amount of users that own Wii consoles? The answer is likely a fraction of total users. The real test for the success for any console will be how the total population reacts to it, and if demand is there for it then it'll do well.

I find it hilarious that we can diss Pachula for attempting to predict the future with dire results, yet turn around and do the same thing like we're just as credible. Me? I'm just going to sit back and watch how things play out. That's the logical thing to do. 

Game On.

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