Monday, July 18, 2011

Quickies: Megaman Legends has heart

Quickies: Megaman Legends has heart

I have very few heroes, but if you asked me who is one of my favorite gaming journalist types I would easily point you in the direction of Jeremy Parish. He's clearly one of the best the go-to guys for old school gaming and has an uncanny knack for breaking things down to their core and analyzing them properly. Which is why it was really good to see him do a blog post on Megaman Legends, and how it was truly a game with heart.

I really don't understand a lot of the hate the game seemed to get. It's clear that half the fanbase at the time dogged it for being so unlike the previous games in the series, while others hated the fact that it was a third person 3D shooter with vague RPG mechanics, but really it wasn't so bad a game. I remember beating it in a weekend, and eventually wanting to play it's sequel. Sadly enough the only other game in the series I played was The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, which wasn't a bad game, either (little too puzzly at times and often super challenging ).Do yourselves a favor and check out the article. it brings up a lot of points that people have glossed over. Meanwhile, I guess I'll be hitting up my local Gamers for a copy of Megaman Legends 2. 

Game On!

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