Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quickies: Third Strike Online = Do know know if want..

Quickies: Third Strike Online = Do not know if want
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As it stands, It seems that Capcom has re-released most of their top fighters, and now comes Third Strike with online functionality and all the bells a whistles. I do miss playing SF3: TS in arcades with people, and the online is enticing, but do I really want another copy of this game? I understand that the graphics have been enhanced, and it's Third Strike - One of my favorite fighting games of all time - But that's not really getting me that motivated in buying games to fund a company that continues to mine their back catalog to re-release arcade hits with subtle improvements.

 Where the hell is our new Darkstalkers game? Or Project Justice/ Rival Schools? or Techromancer? or Power Stone? Don't get me wrong I'm still excited for Tekken X Street Fighter, but that's probably the only new fighter i've heard of since SF4 was released.

Maybe it's just that I feel that good games are what put the company on the map, great fighters are what blew them into the stratosphere.

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