Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quickies: NOA loves the taste of fanboy tears...

Quickies: NOA loves the taste of fanboy tears!!
Source(s): GoNintendo 

Fans everywhere are in an uproar over this whole statement about NOA not bringing Xenoblade and The Last story to the states. Which i feel is completely understandable. Nintendo is approaching the notion of bringing in the core demographic via the Wii U. The core demographic would eat up the idea of playing two really big JRPGs right now, especially considering SquareEnix completely dropped the ball on Final Fantasy XIII and XIV. With that being said I could easily see that the plan for them might be to halt the move of these games to the US until maybe they've had a chance to get the Wii U established - Maybe even sitting on the games long enough to release them during the new console's launch window. A system aimed moreso at the hearts of the core demographic would benefit from having a good library of core games, and Seeing Last Story, Xenoblade and Pandora Tower be those games would certainly get their hearts a-fluttering. 

The other scenario i'm thinking up is that there would be a chance that the whole WRPG vs JRPG situation could be a factor in why we won't be seeing these games on the Wii in the near future. As it stands JRPGs aren't really in that big a demand here, and maybe it's another case of NOA playing it safe? Personally, I think it's the first option and in time we may see these games on the Wii u, but it's hard to say. 

On another note - it's business as usual back at FSBF. Sorry for giving you guys grief about my personal bullcrap. I needed to vent. Don't worry reader, the quality won't drop here it's all about the games!

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