Friday, June 10, 2011

Quick thought before I head out for work..

I've been reading the GoNintendo comments about the best looking games for E3 this year, and I just realized something, while reading Jet Pilot's semi trolling post

One- Graphics don't matter. If the current generation has been a story this was it's moral. You can get by without bloom lighting and high res textures, as long as you provide a game that's fun and engaging. We know that bad graphics can ruin a game, but Wii games have never really had that bad graphics, anyway. And with the Gamecube post I made a while back you can really tell that developers haven't been bringing their A game and cheap out with PS2 quality graphics in certain instances, while others are still trying to master the engine.

Two - And this is the same thing I've thought about with the 3DS; With the graphics and processing issues being resolved.. There's little to nothing in the way of excuses as to why the games that were ported between the HD twins can't be on the Wii u. Likewise, there is no excuses if those same industry games fail. People can't fall back on the graphics, they can't even fall back on the audience if the core gamers are being pulled in to create a shared space with the expanded market.

 Now the gap is narrowing in terms of excuses, and it's time to either put up a solid effort or fade into obscurity.

Game On!

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