Tuesday, May 24, 2011


You're probably wondering why i'm so happy.. well I just got some of the greatest news ever.

From Siliconera..

After Sega and Sammy merged, Guilty Gearbecame an issue. Arc System Works developed the game, but Sammy Corporation owned the IP. During the shuffle, Guilty Geartransferred to the newly formed Sega Sammy Holdings.

Arc System Works went on to developBlazBlue, but they haven’t forgotten about Guilty Gear. When we spoke with Daisuke Ishiwatari, creator of the series, he promised fans a new Guilty Gear would come "eventually."
When that day comes Arc System Works won’t have to worry about Sega. In Japan, Arc System Works recently filed a trademark for Guilty Gear, which was published on the Japanese trademark database today. If Sega retained the rights to the series Arc System Works wouldn’t be allowed to trademark the title for video games and related categories. It seems Arc System Works reclaimed the rights to the Guilty Gear series by purchasing them from Sega. We’ll check in with Arc System Works to see if they have anymore information regarding this trademark and the future of Guilty Gear.

I've been wanting a new Guilty Gear from ARC for a while, I've even been scouring the second hand market for a copy of GG AC Plus for PS2. Now as i get ready for my 9-5 i find out this spectacular news.

Sooo hyped!!!!

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