Monday, April 18, 2011

Quickies: Price Cut Rumor rears it's head, again!!

At Best Buy, we effing love price cuts! YEAAAAAAAAHHHH!

Quickies: Price cut rumor rears it's ugly head again!!

This price cut business seems to be getting way out of hand again, and for some reason it's indicative of a Wii 2 which seems to be the hot button topic de Jour On the Internets 2.0 . I on the other hand am not phased by this information, because we all know that price cuts don't really do anything to build sales momentum. Tried that before. didn't really work out until we got compelling content that moved the hardware (In the form of games like Wii Sports Resort and New Super Mario Bros. Wii ). What we are seeing now is that retail stores like Best Buy are cutting the prices of the Wii bundles, and journalists are immediately throwing water on a grease fire ( which is something you shouldn't particularly do, anyway - safety first!) in building on top of these stupid Wii 2 rumors that have been floating around lately. 

There are quite a few reasons why we would be seeing a Nintendo authorized price cut this late in the game - User "Aielyn" on the Malstrom's Comments forum posted this theory which could very well be possible.

"If there is a price drop coming, it'll be in preparation for something, I think. The most likely would be a new standard bundle with new colours. It's also possible that they're planning on releasing a Wii with boosted internal storage - say, 2 GB rather than 512 MB.
And this is the only reason to have a price drop prior to E3, as they'd announce the new bundle/revision at E3, and would want to start clearing the channels beforehand. It's pretty much standard operating procedure when the new revision will end up at the same price point as the old one had been - they lower the price on the remaining stock of the old revision. 
Personally, I think it's rumour based on a sale by a specific retailer, which has mistakenly been interpreted as a full-fledged price drop."
In reality there's a good chance the price cuts are only for Easter weekend, which if you remember from last year's NPD report was a focal reason for the decline of that month (Easter was in March of last year instead of April). Here's a snippet from last year's Gamasutra article covering it.
"Video game segment sales overall dropped to $766.2 million compared to $1.03 billion in April 2009. NPD analyst Anita Frazier notes that this, at 26 percent, is the fourth largest year over year percentage decline ever, "after September 2000, June '09 and July '09." Year to date, the market is down 11 percent, at $4.73 billion, as compared to revenues of $5.29 billion through April 2009. 
Frazier notes that the timing of Easter this year changed things: "In April '09, consumers attributed $55 million of industry sales to Easter as a purchase occasion, which would account for about 21 percent of the decline from last year since Easter purchasing happened in March this year."
So Zombie Jesus day is the reason why we're seeing retailer based price cuts.. I seriously doubt it's because there's some Super Wii floating around hypnotizing game journalists into making retarded statements and posting mock-ups like this.

Seriously, what the hell is that? It looks like a the gamecube controller is giving us the finger for thinking that Nintendo is this unimaginative enough to create an abomination to gaming like this. 

If there is a new console on the horizon it certainly wouldn't have this as a controller. it looks like the end result of an overzealous geneticist who realized only too late that he shouldn't have been playing "God" in the first place. Hopefully this thing kills him and sets fire to the laboratory it was spawned in as to ensure that mankind knows nothing of it's existence. 

Game on!

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