Monday, April 4, 2011

Quickies: Going Ape over Bio Force Ape

Quickies: Going Ape over Bio Force Ape 
Source(s): 1up , Lost

I usually avoid the internet around April 1st. I hate looking the fool, so I would rather just lock myself away for 24 hours and climb out of my makeshift bomb shelter unscathed (No I don't have a makeshift bomb shelter... but I'm tempted to make one, now that I think about it.) Luckily I decided to check out 1up, which had an interesting link to Lost Levels about a seemingly lost title for NES.

The origins of the title and internet hoax which brought it popularity are listed on Lost Levels, along with the story of how it came into the hands of Frank Cifaldi (of 1up and retronauts fame), who later dumped the game into a rom for download. I personally want to thank Cifaldi and those who helped raise money in purchasing the prototype cartridge, which is now dumped and preserved for future retro gamers to play and enjoy.

Thumbs up, Soldiers!

If you want to download the game to play on an emulator head to the Lost Levels link at the top of the page. and as always

Game on.

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