Monday, March 28, 2011

what is this? I don't even....

have you seen this?

I caught this on VG Chartz through Digg earlier, and I had to share this with you, reader.

After viewing this I discovered that Cartridges have not been used since the original gameboy, The 3DS stylus is entirely new and is archaic because palm pilots had that before, The 3DS graphics aren't on par compared to the PS3, and that the 3DS design is something that wouldn't look out of place in the 90s.

Ahh the doomsday machine episode how appropriate 

He also cites cost as a barrier of entry, and yeah some people are actually going to have to take a step back and wait for the cost to go down before they get one, or at least until they find a reason to. I'm probably one of those people. Still, though I think the 3DS will do fairly well. We've already had quite a few people asking about them at the store last night, and I suspect the Gamestop across the street had a midnight launch that probably generated some interest among others.

The 3DS will be a little pricier than an older generation Itouch (even with the plan you're still paying an arm and a leg for an Iphone  regardless), but for what it does it's somewhat justifiable. I mean it is a dedicated gaming device with buttons, not a multipurpose device that just happens to play games.

Well I can't be too mad at the guy. After all he did grow up on Halo and that's what makes him an expert...I on the other hand am just a lowly blogger.

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