Monday, March 14, 2011

On Japan's environmental crisis..

I've been glued to the tv for most of the weekend due to the ongoing issues that have been plaguing Japan. As if the earthquakes and tsunami aren't bad enough, thousands have evacuated as there have been issues with nuclear reactors, and there is currently a cloud of radioactivity looming about and workers are making an effort to keep meltdowns from tearing the island asunder. Articles like this one are saying that a Chernobyl-like disaster is rather unlikely,however that doesn't lessen the impact of what has already transpired. My heart goes out to the people dealing with this. 

There have been websites and various forums  that have been keeping tabs on the status of influential people like developers and mangaka and such. Creators like Oda and Kishimoto are fine, and we're slowly getting information in through various places. 

If you wish to donate or help here's a link to the Red Cross website

It's going to take some time for Japan to rebuild, but I'm sure in time things will get better. Trust me If I had the resources I'd be on a plane heading there myself to help with the rebuild, but we do what we can, and i'm sure they need all the positivity and resources they can get in the meantime. 

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