Thursday, December 16, 2010

What the hell are you talking about? That sweater is awesome!!

From  Game Front 

It’s the Christmas season, and that means there are two things you can count on: a decided lack of gaming news as all the developers take their holidays, and some really bad gifts from folks in your family. Let’s face it everyone has an Aunt Thelma who still thinks that “that Mario fellow” represents exactly what gaming is about today.
Aunt Thelma sees something that’s Mario-related, and she just can’t help herself. The sweater above is a perfect example of this phenomenon.
Seriously, anyone wearing this sweater in a school environment had better settle in for a routine series of wedgies, noogies and straight up ass beatings. This might not be the worst gaming gift ever, but I’d wager it’s one of the more dangerous ones.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with this sweater.. Well except for the fact that it's being worn by Dr Otto Octavius moments before his life altering experiment with nuclear fusion that resulted in having mechanical tentacles fused to his spinal column (Notice I said tentacles, internet perverts....N-T ).

And this makes one wonder if Aunt Thelma seems to know more about video games than an entire industry? she sure knows more than the writer, especially considering that it's not 1987 and nerds actually have a bit more cred now than they did when I was growing up.


  1. You know what...

    That is an awesome gift. Screw the haters!

  2. O_O Why don´t I have an Aunt Thelma!?

    Sorry, but this guy is in denial: Sure, the wedgies, , noogies and beatings are because of the sweater. Like totally. Like it really breaks his overall fashion style. Riiiiiight...

  3. Apparently in order to validate the sweater is cool it needs to be overpriced and carrying the Hot Topic logo on it somewhere.....

  4. Its classic Mario Bros... what's not to love!