Monday, August 9, 2010

RockBand 3: Maybe I was wrong about it after all?

There's a thread on Malstrom's started about a GoNintendo article on how music games are fighting oversaturation. One of the posters put up a link to this video about Rock Band 3 and it's guitar peripheral. I wanted to bag on it due to it being incredibly complex and causing the game to not be as accessible as the previous iterations, but in all honesty I think I'm starting to understand where they're going with this.

Think about it; Games like Wii Fit, and America's test kitchen are touted as lifestyle enhancing devices which provide the average consumer a means of doing something to help them get more out of their free time than just a couple hours of killing baddies and building e-status. So if the goal of this game is to not only provide a social aspect through having friends come over and play in a virtual band with you, but to also be a bridge to learning how to actually play an instrument that really puts it above all the other virtual guitar games in it's genre, doesn't it? I don't know if we can go so far as to saying this is say a 'Blue Ocean' product, but compared to the yearly distributed Guitar Hero brand, Rock Band does stand to do more for it's fan base by giving them a way to really experience being a rockstar, while fueling future hopefuls with the means of being able to step away from the game and actually use those skills to start their own bands.

Being someone who does want to learn how to play guitar, I have to say that this may be cheaper than buying a guitar and taking lessons, but that has yet to be seen. I know i've gone on record of saying that Guitar Hero had the potential of being the better game, but with GH's point of yearly cramming, and the potential of RB3 being both a lifestyle application and a bridge game into learning an actual skill, I have to say my money will most likely be on Rock Band 3.

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