Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FFYL - Supplemental: The curious case of Makoto's crouching LK.

On Twitter SpeedBrkr Posted an interesting link to a SF Answers page which features a video of Makoto 2-in-1ng a crouching Low kick into her Seichusen-Godanzuki ultra.

The last part of the video shows how the Cr LK was thrown out during ryu's recovery frames meaning it hit on the next frame after the initial execution. what does this mean you may be asking? well I'll let the site creator do the talking (Note: this falls under "advanced strategy" )

Given that she only gains plus three frame advantage when hitting with her cr.LK, she would have no chance of linking into the Ultra 1, given it's six frames of startup.
Note, however, how Makoto sets up the cr.LK, she does it as Ryu is getting up, meaning that she doesn't connect on the first active frame, making this a meaty hit, enough of one that she can link from the cr.LK to her Ultra 1 (as seen at 1:40, it shows "6 hit combo" on the left).
So given that it actually does link, the question is, what is the first active frame that the (or how "meaty" is) cr.LK has to connect on?
Remember that with frame data, Frame Advantage on Hit is calculated assuming that you hit with the first active (last startup) frame of the move. Because this isn't the case with a meaty, one has to rely on the frames of hitstun that the move has.
Unfortunately, the frame data for Super Street Fighter 4 doesn't contain this information, but it can be easily calculated for normals:
Hitstun = Active Frames + Recovery Frames + Frame Advantage on Hit
Or in this case for Makoto's cr.LK:
4 (Active Frames) + 7 (Recovery Frames) + 3 (Frame Advantage on Hit) = 14 frames of Hitstun
With this number in hand, we can figure out the minimum active frame that the cr.LK can connect on and still have enough hitstun left to link into the Ultra.
Working backwards, we will figure out how many frames on the tail end of the active frames are needed.
Remaining Active Frames Needed = Hitstun - Recovery - Startup
Which in this case is:
14 (Hitstun) - 7 (Recovery) - 6 (Startup) = 1 (Remaining Active Frames Needed)
(Note that total Startup is used here instead of Startup - 1 as the last startup frame/first active frame has to hit while the opponent is in hitstun)
That's pretty simple.  It's a one-frame-link, meaning you have to connect on the last active frame (in this case, the fourth one).
The good news is, based on the video, there appears to be a simple setup for it.  Right before the knockdown Makoto does MP cancelled into an EX Oroshi, which causes an untechable knockdown.
After the knockdown, she dashes forward once, does a neutral jump HK.  This is an extremely important point, as an empty neutral jump can have the landing frames cancelled.  By doing the neutral HK, the landing frames are not cancelled, helping to tighten up the timing.  Finally, on landing, it's a cr.LK to the Ultra.
 I'm interested in seeing if this same thing could of been done in Third Strike, or is it more to do with this game. I'll try it when I get the chance and let you guys know in an update. Also if I post any more of these they'll be to further fortify any information I throw out pertaining to fighting game advanced strategy.

game on!

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