Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sony's press conference... aka "Talk is cheap"

Sony had a lot of things working against it today. mainly the overuse of talking and the lack of showing things that were of interest. Maybe that was our fault for going into this thinking that the PSP2 would be revealed, only to see a lineup of games for the PSP 3000 and GO. Maybe it's just a bunch of speeches about technology, and how it shapes games; A statement that was entirely opposite to their arch enemies at Nintendo were saying. Who knows, for sure.

What audience members were treated to was a whole lot of 3D, and a whole little bit of actual demos, and that may have damaged Sony's current standing. Kevin Butler came out and gave one of the most epic speeches a paid actor could give, and that was fine, but id kind of only added to the whole "it's cool to be a nerd" thing that gaming is obviously trying to shake off for the sake of being relevant to everyone else. However let's talk about the games.

The games I wanted to see were Kingdom hearts 3, which is coming to PSP, and The third Birthday, which is Parasite Eve 3. I heard that Squaresoft released it in Japan a whole ago as a mobile phone game, but it would be good to see it overhauled, and released for portables. Sly Cooper 3 sounds fun too, and I would really be interested in playing that.  Then they talked about their other franchises like Heavy Rain, and Killzone 3 which utilizes full 3D, yet still looks as bland as the previous Killzone. The new feature being shown was the jet packs which looks to be creating some sort of  first person platformer experience.

For the Playstation Move there were two specific demos, one was of a game called Sorcery, which had some spiky haired guy (seriously, the douche look is out, guys) come out and play it for the audience. The game was alright, but suffered from an uninspired art style. The controls made me question why a game where you flick a wand to release auto aimed magic needs 1:1 controls. The second demo was for the newest Tiger Woods game, and that didn't really do anything different than what you would expect from the Wii version of the game..

Going back to the whole Kevin Butler thing. He introduced another viral character, which was the kid from Role models. This is probably done for adding necessary "urban edge" to their product. more token black people to push the whole hardcore gaming angle to the masses. You would think people would catch on and actually get offended of what they're trying to do, but I guess I'm just an old fogey who spends too much time reading between the lines.

The cliffhanger of Dead Space 2 was resolved during this conference, with the end bringing another reveal. Dead Space: Extraction will be re-released for move and packaged in with Dead Space 2 for a special edition bundle. Soo Dead Space: Extraction fails on the Wii due to "teh Kazuals" , and they expect it to do any better on the Move? GTA: China Town Wars says hello.

Sony's biggest "surprise" was the reveal of Twisted Metal for the PS3, which was alright. I mean it's graphically overhauled, and it'll probably be mountains of fun at this point, but I was never really a fan of Twisted Metal to begin with. The funniest comment I've heard all day was a twitter comment from a friend who said at this point Twisted Metal  was an "ICP concert on wheels"

Sony at this point is really on the ropes as far as E3 is concerned. I was expecting them to do better than Microsoft, but now I'm starting to think that Nintendo stands alone.

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