Monday, June 14, 2010

Quickies: The Xbox slim could be priced at 300 dollars?

The Xbox slim could be priced at 300 dollars
source(s): Gamasutra

Now that the conference is over, the internetz are being flooded with information on every turn. Gamasutra has posted this article stating that the price of the newly revealed slim 360 (which is heading to stores right now) could be as much as $299. Of course this means the slim will basically be the same price as the Elite sku.

Here's a snippet from the actual article

"The Xbox 360 Slim features a 250 GB hard drive, built-in wifi (802.11N), and, like all other Xbox 360 models, support for Microsoft's upcoming motion-sensing, controller-free device Kinect.

To emphasize the updated console's features and Kinect support, Microsoft revealed a short trailer with the slogan "here today, ready for tomorrow". Mattrick went on to describe the Xbox 360 Slim as "sleeker, smaller, [and] whisper-quiet."

Despite the system's new features, Microsoft has decided to keep the Xbox 360 Slim's price at $299, which is also the price of the Xbox 360 Elite.

Mattrick said the Xbox 360 Slim begins shipping in North America today, and should arrive at stores this week."
I wonder if the people who bought Elites are fuming about this? I mean for the same price you guys could have had built in Wifi . 

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